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Doggy School & Boutique Boarding


owner and operator of house of pawz, Laura, now has over 7 years experience in the dog industry from training, boarding kennels AND DAYCARES. in 2014 laura completed her certificate 3 in dog behaviour, training, companion animal training and first aid qualifications with 'ndtf'. laura's passion grew while working in the animal industry and once gaining the qualifications needed it ULTIMaTeLY LEAD TO THE IDEA and dream OF one day opening HOuse of pawz school, WHICH has now TURNED INTO A REALITY! 


The official journey of house of pawz begun back IN 2016 WITH a  small TRAINING SERVICE for the community of townsville, the love for dogs was undeniable and this eventually developed into our boutique boarding at the end of 2017. after years of planning and dedication hop's doggy (heaven) facility was ready to open IN October OF 2018. fast forward to 2021 and here we are still living the dream and doing what we love every single day!

since our doors opened in 2018 we have evolved and continue to set the standards for doggy services across the industry. our transformation from daycare to school means our team have a high focus and passion for dog behaviour and obedience within the school and we continue to spend our time developing and enhancing every aspect of our services.


"This industry isn't regulated - not many people know that, and what this means is anyone can open and operate a 'doggy daycare' without having any knowledge, experience or qualifications to do so. Not only is this a terrifying thought but there has been a gap in the market in regards to the level of care and standards within the dog industry for a long time. This motivates not just myself but the entire team to go above and beyond for each and every single pooch. Ultimately, our goal is for every dog to genuinely enjoy their time at hop whether it be at boarding or at school, our passion is to enrich our dogs lives, educate the community and bring happiness to both humans and their four legged friends"

- laura armstrong, owner & operator.




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